Providing a Comfortable Environment to Live, Learn & Work

We know how important it is to provide a safe environment for students, employees and visitors. We also know that the last thing you want to worry about is finding a parking space or figuring out how to get to where you need to be. Luckily, we have a talented Safety & Security team (often made up of students from our well-known Criminal Justice program) that works hard every day to ensure your safety and to help you find your way around.

On this page:

Safety & Security

The Safety & Security Office:

  • Provides officers to patrol residence halls, classrooms and office areas.
  • Coordinates with staff and local responders to provide safety awareness programs and training.
  • Provides security escorts to and from classes upon request.

Clery Report

Our Clery Report provides data about crime on and near our campuses and on college-owned property. The report also includes information about College procedures in regards to campus safety and security. To view safety and security statistics for pro:

Lost & Found

Lose something? Contact us as we find and hold onto unclaimed items.

Found something? Drop it off at either of our locations and we’ll do our best to reunite it with its owner.

Parking & Transportation

We encourage you to familiarize yourself in advance with your parking and transportation options.

Parking and transportation charges are included in pro’s tuition and fees. To view our current Parking & Transportation fee, visit our Tuition & Fees webpage.

Parking Tips

  • Familiarize yourself with the student parking lots, especially the lesser-known lots sprinkled throughout campus.
  • Arrive as early as possible.
  • Register for classes during the slower times on campus.
  • Choose alternative ways to get to pro.

Alternative Ways to Get to pro

  • To check out ride-share options,
  • Ride your bike. The South Portland Campus has bike racks across campus.
  • Ride the bus for FREE. Free bus rides are available to students on both our South Portland Campus and our Midcoast Campus.
  1. Once you’re enrolled, visit the Safety & Security Office on the South Portland Campus or Orion Hall at the Midcoast Campus after the add/drop period to pick up a semester sticker to affix to your ID.
  2. Present your pro ID when boarding to ride the South Portland Bus Service, METRO Bus, METRO Breeze or the Brunswick Explorer bus for FREE.

Parking Tickets & Violations

pro Parking Violations

Vehicles not parked in accordance with college regulations will be issued an pro ticket, which carries a fine of $25 per violation for:

  • Blocking roadways or access to college facilities
  • Parking on the grass or in areas not designated for parking
  • Altered, unauthorized, invalid or absent permit
  • Students parking in a faculty lot
  • Improper display of a permit
  • Parking in a fire lane (or within 20 feet of any fire hydrant or designated by signs)
  • Parking in a handicapped parking space without a State of Maine-issued permit or placard

City of South Portland Parking Violations

The City of South Portland owns property near pro’s South Portland Campus, which is frequently monitored. Please note you may be issued a ticket by the City of South Portland for:

  • Parking in a fire lane (or within 20 feet of any fire hydrant or designated by signs)
  • Parking in a handicapped parking space without a State of Maine-issued permit or placard
  • Erratic driving and excessive speed
  • Parking vehicle overnight without permission