Become the Best Leader You Can Be

Are you a business or organization that wants to provide your leaders or future leaders the tools they need to run a successful team? If so, our Leadership Development courses could be the professional development opportunity you’ve been looking for. Learn more below.

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Who should participate?

Our Leadership Development courses are designed for people in supervisory or management roles who are currently leaders or will be future leaders in their workplaces.

What do our Leadership Development Courses offer participants?

We offer a series of leadership development courses that specialize in particular skills sets that are important in a leadership role. Choose from one or all of the courses listed below depending on your experience in a supervisory role.

Peer to Supervisor

  • Understanding your skills & abilities
  • How to shift your thinking
  • Tools and resources
  • Understanding learning styles
  • Making a plan of action

Supervisory skills

  • The supervisor’s position
  • Communications
  • PACE Palette
  • Conflict resolution
  • Supervisory skills

Leadership Academy

  • Leadership and management with a strengths-based focus
  • Leadership awareness
  • Leadership communication
  • Driving employee engagement
  • Fostering collaboration and managing conflict
  • Talent management and performance systems
  • Focusing on outcomes and business acumen
  • Resiliency and stress management
  • Action planning

What are some of the features of these courses?

Courses generally include the following:

  • Small-group interaction
  • Role-playing
  • Hands-on activities
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Innovative collaboration
  • Fostering ideas
  • How much time is involved?

    The time involved is dependent on the course you take. Courses are composed of multiple half- or full-day workshops or can be customized to fit your schedule and needs.

    • Peer to Supervisor – 3 hours
    • Supervisory Skills – 16 hours
    • Leadership Academy – 49 hours

    Where is Leadership Academy held?

    Our Leadership Development courses are held on pro’s South Portland Campus, Midcoast Campus in Brunswick or off-site at an organization or business.

    What is the Leadership Academy?

    The Leadership Academy is a professional development program that prepares employees to become better supervisors, managers and city leaders.

    What are the Supervisory Courses?

    Our Peer to Supervisor and Supervisory Skills courses involve using the dynamic group process, adult learning principles and foundational communication skills. Participants learn best leadership principles with customized real-work scenarios, activities and individual coaching to energize participants to move beyond acceptable to extraordinary individual and team performance.

    What They’re Saying About Us

    “Leadership Academy is a top-notch professional development program. We use Leadership Academy to prepare employees to be better supervisors, managers and city leaders. Leadership Academy has been highly praised by our employees and has far and away exceeded our expectations.” – Don Brewer, Human Resources Director, City of South Portland

    Interested in Participating?

    Contact Brenda Downey, at or 207-741-5955