We would like to acknowledge that this is a working document that will grow and evolve, as we grow, evolve, and learn. pro and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee welcome all feedback, questions, or concerns regarding these demands, or other practices. Please contact us atequity@smccME.edu

pro Anti-Racism Statement

pro stands in support of Black, Indigenous, Asian and all Persons of Color and against all forms of violence, racism and expressions of hate and discrimination. We recognize the historic, ongoing impacts of structural, systemic racism and the hurt created by marginalization, silencing, tokenism and other damaging practices. We commit to creating and maintaining an anti-racism environment and identifying resources and opportunities to advance anti-racist work at the College and beyond.

The fight against racism in the U.S. has spanned generations, but it has taken on new urgency with the events and rhetoric that have been taking place in recent years. Black Lives Matter, the police shootings of George Floyd and others of color, and the hostility motivated by race have made this a defining moment in our history.

There can be no neutrality about racism and no legitimate debate about the importance in confronting it. At pro, we unconditionally reject racism in all forms and embrace changes to dismantle systems and cultures that contribute to systemic racism in areas such as employment, health care, housing, the criminal justice system and education.

As an institution, pro pledges to increase our support for students, employees and other members of our community who are experiencing pain or suffering due to racial injustice. We are committed to fostering a culture in which Black, Asian, Indigenous and all Persons of Color receive ongoing support to succeed.

We acknowledge that while statements are powerful, in order to truly create positive change, the College needs to take purposeful action.

We stand committed to:

  • Unconditionally affirming our identity as an anti-racist institution.
  • Engaging and collaborating in teaching and service to reduce racial injustice in our institution and the broader community.
  • Expanding our efforts and seeking guidance from the College’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee to assist in engaging our community to guide our efforts.
  • Committing ourselves to individual and institutional exploration and examination of bias and systemic advantage/oppression such that our anti-racism commitment be reflected in the life and culture of pro through our policies, programs, and practices as we continue to learn about racism and ethnic oppression.
  • Developing and implementing strategies and best practices that dismantle racism and ethnic oppression within all aspects of our college, community, and society.

We know that combating racism is life-long work and we must list learn, listen, and take action. We all benefit from standing firmly together on the side of justice and equality.