Return, Resume, Reward, Debt Forgiveness Program

Don’t let your past debt keep you from pursuing a better future. pro’s “Return, Resume, Reward” debt forgiveness policy eliminates up to $2,000 in past debt for returning community college students.

To qualify, returning students must:

  • Owe no more than $2,000.
  • Have been out of college for two years.
  • Maintain good academic standing.
  • Enroll in at least six credits each semester.
  • Work with an advisor on an academic plan.
  • Pay their current semester tuition and fees by the billing due date.

If eligible, the College will:

  • Forgive 50% of a student’s prior debt (up to $1,000) upon successful completion of their first semester.
  • Forgive the remaining 50% of prior debt following successful completion of the second consecutive semester.