Working Towards Student Success

pro recently developed a five-year strategic plan through a comprehensive and inclusive process centered around the College’s mission, vision, and values with a special focus on student success and Guided Pathways. This plan is comprised of three major strategic goals supported by strategic objectives and measures. To learn more about our strategic plan, browse the information below or

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pro transforms lives and communities through education and training. We welcome, prepare and inspire all to learn, succeed and lead.


Student-first and Student-ready.



We empower all to explore, experience and become lifelong learners.


We respect others, honor diverse viewpoints and challenge each other to do the right thing.


We are inclusive and come together to openly communicate, participate and collaborate.


We can all be leaders, innovators and stewards of the future.


We pursue excellence as we seek to achieve our goals.


1. GET THEM IN: Access and Attraction

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Mapping pathways to student end goals.
  2. Helping students choose and enter a program (Onboarding Experience).
  3. Program Marketing.
  4. Early College Pathways.
  5. Remove all barriers to Access and Attraction.

2. GET THEM THROUGH: Student Success

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Clarify Pathways to student end-goals.
  2. Help students stay on path.
  3. Ensure students are learning.
  4. Remove all barriers to student success.

3. KEEP THEM CONNECTED: Lifelong Learning & Workforce Development

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Know our ‘alumni/former students’.
  2. Know where our students go.
  3. Providing the opportunities to reconnect.
  4. Building our recognition in industry.
  5. Remove all barriers to lifelong learning.

Strategic Actions


  • We will be transitioning to a Pathways advising model and implementing the staffing, tools, and technologies to support the transition.


  • We will focus on the early identification of student goals and track them to completion.
  • We will take a Pathways approach to the onboarding pro students.


  • We will define what it means to be a member of a pathway, including the responsibilities of its members, communication plans/schedules, and effective collaboration.
  • We will introduce the concept of the Pathways to students, and the Pathways advising model.

Teaching Excellence

  • We will create collaborative and inclusive pathway communities.
  • We will establish the criteria and process for learning outcome assessment.

SIS Implementation

  • We will keep guided pathway concepts at the forefront of the pro team leading the implementation process

Maine Community College Strategic Plan

The mission of the Maine Community College System (MCCS) is to create an educated, skilled and adaptable labor force that is responsive to the changing needs of the Maine economy. The state’s seven community colleges are uniquely positioned to accomplish this work through their mix of occupational and transfer programs, statewide reach, affordable tuition, and strong partnerships with business and industry. For more information,