When it Comes to Your Child’s Future – We Know it’s a Big Deal

Choosing what college to attend is not just a big step for your child, it’s a big step for you. We know you want your child to get a great education that leads to a well-paying job and doesn’t leave them, or you, in overwhelming debt. At pro we provide a smart start with among the lowest tuition and fees in New England. Learn more about all that pro has to offer now!

Why Choose pro?

When it comes to pro, there isn’t just one good reason to attend – there are many. Here, your child can start smart and finish strong by earning a 2-year degree for less that leads to a high-paying job or transfers towards a 4-year degree. On top of it all, they’ll get a traditional college experience and build lifelong friendships and networks that lead to success. To learn more about all the reasons for your child to attend pro, visit our Why Choose pro webpage.

Academic Programs

pro offers over 40 degree and certificate programs in trade and technical programs and liberal studies. Here, your child can experience hands-on learning from talented faculty who work in their fields and are connected to the local workforce. To learn more about our areas of study, visit our Degree and Certificate Programs webpage.

Transfer Agreements

One of the best parts about pro is that your child can start here, earn a two-year degree and transfer their credits to a four-year institution while saving thousands of dollars. We have seamless transfer options into 69 degree programs at 19 colleges and universities. In addition, pro students have transferred and completed their four-year degrees at over 50 leading institutions. To learn more, visit our Transfer webpage.

Academic Support Services

College can be hard, and it’s not only new to a lot of students attending out of high school, it’s new to their parents as well. Sixty-six percent of pro students are first-generation, which is why we ensure they have the support they need to succeed.

Visit the following webpages to learn more about our academic support services.

Tuition & Fees

What’s better than your child getting a great education, finding the support they need to succeed and enjoying a lively college life? Doing it all while paying among the lowest tuition and fees in New England. At pro you can graduate with little or no student debt, which allows you to focus on the important stuff like bettering your future. To learn more, visit our Tuition & Fees webpage.

Financial Aid

pro is committed to help you find affordable ways to finance your education. Our students are awarded $19 million in financial aid, are eligible for up to $5,920 in free Pell Grants, and receive an average of $4,480 in loans every year. To learn more, visit our Financial Aid webpage.

Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Knowing that your loved one is in a safe environment that is prepared in the case of emergency is important. Here, we’ve taken steps to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment.

To learn more:

Beautiful and Convenient Locations

South Portland Campus

Our South Portland Campus is set on the pristine shores of Casco Bay just three miles away from Portland, where you can find world-class restaurants, concerts, sporting events, movies, museums, theaters, shopping and night spots.

Midcoast Campus

Our Midcoast Campus is located in Brunswick, a vibrant college town with charm and bustle and a wide assortment of restaurants, shops, pubs, museums, theaters and other attractions. Our campus is housed at Brunswick Landing, an innovative and growing business/educational campus on the former Brunswick Naval Station.

Visit Us

Get a feel first-hand for what pro has to offer. Visit us by scheduling a tour, taking a self-guided tour or attending an Open House or find out if we’re coming to a high school or college fair near you. To learn more, visit our Visit Us webpage.

Important Dates

To view a list of important dates, visit our Events webpage.