As an institution for higher learning, pro endeavors to be a forum for the open exchange of ideas and a place that provides its constituents with connections to community, nation and world. Placing our students at the center of their learning, the College encourages student-driven discussion and promotion of social, political, and economic issues that reflect the dynamic and diverse issues shaping and changing our world.

By empowering students to organize and gain recognition as student groups, the College ensures that students remain self-directed learners in accordance with its mission. Students who wish to organize themselves, either independently or in concert with ongoing course work, to discuss and/or promote social, political or economic issues using the facilities and resources of the College should contact the Dean of Students or his/her designee.

Dean of Students, Jason Saucier,, 207-741-5544
Associate Dean of Students, Jon Conlogue,, 207-741-5944

At its discretion, the College will accept written postings of employment opportunities to share with the campus community.

Director of Career Services, Addie LaRoche,, 207-741-5994

In accordance with the Solomon Amendment, representatives of the Armed Services are permitted to engage in recruitment efforts with prior notice to the College’s Registrar for proper reservation of campus space.

Registrar, Jeremy Dill,, 207-741-5821
Associate Registrar, Suzanne Turner,, 207-741-5606

In support of the economic mission of the College, the College may from time to time invite businesses and agencies to promote and discuss employment opportunities available to students in the greater community. These invitations are extended in concert with the organized programs of campus departments. Businesses or agencies not connected with a College organized employment opportunity program are not permitted use of College facilities except when the College makes certain of its facilities available to individuals and groups on a rental basis. Inquiries about the rental use of College facilities should be directed to the Department of Conferences and Events.

Conferences and Events Manager and Hospitality Department Chair, Maureen LaSalle,, 207-741-5743
Conferences and Events Manager, Joshua Hurd,, 207-741-5543

Use of College facilities and resources by entities that are not connected with or sanctioned by the College is not permitted. Groups or individuals may be permitted to poll students, collect signatures or share information in public outdoor areas of the College with prior approval by the Director of Public Safety as long as the specified activity is not in violation of College policy and does not interfere with the orderly business of the College.

Director of Public Safety, Jay Manhardt,, 207-741-5598
Security Office, 207-741-5553